Friends In Support of M4H

We want to thank our personal friends who support our mission for humanitarian compassion. Please join them in this seriously love for this worthy cause. We all understand the need, we all can say we gave it our best shot. Give what you can. You will be blessed.

Kwamie Lasitter

Arizona Cardinals

Daryl Clack

Dallas Cowboy

Nick Lowery

Kansas City Chiefs

Mark Lee

Green Bay Packers

J.D. Nicholas

The Commodores

Val Young

The Mary Jane Girls

Glodine White

Love Unlimited Group

Barry White’s Wife

Lincoln Kennedy

Oakland Raiders

Christian Okoye

Kansas City Chiefs

Claudia Chavez

International Motivated Speaker

Sherrie Zenter

V.P. Momentous Ins.

Eric Dickerson

Los Angeles Rams

Jerome Daniels

Arizona Cardinals

Martay Jenkins

Arizona Cardinals

Leo Gray

Oakland Raiders

Bishop Harris

San Francisco 49ers NFL Coach

Bettina Molina

Child Advocate LLC

Paul Ratajczak

Owner & CEO Mercury Sound Studios

Michele Nardone

Founder Palos Verde Strings, LLC.

Arielle Black

CML Security Denver

Tyrone Green

Program Manager

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Sabrina Clark

Director Voluntary Services

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs