s Christian believers “The Miracles for Heroes” organization believes that each and every veteran, and all military personnel, should be afforded the opportunity to integrate back into society and to become prosperous and productive human beings, not Homeless, not useless, not unwanted, not invisable. They sacrificed unselfishly, for the citizens of these United States of America, when they joined our military armed forces. They deserve total respect, not disrespect.

Based on this belief, The Miracles and Yendis Entertainment has developed “The Miracles for Heroes” concerts and non profit organization that seeks to support all veterans and enlisted service men and woman, in a way to transition from being our protectors, to being successful and productive citizens in our communities. By coming together, and celebrating with, and for them, we are producing concerts that will give them some sense of enjoyment, entertainment, and honor. These outreach concerts are embracing, supporting and uplifting for thousands of our Veterans and enlisted men and women across America.

Our goal is to provide access to the necessary tools, and various support systems and services, they need to acquire housing, jobs, health care, therapeutic support, mental stability, volunteer services and overall provisions for their immediate and long term needs.

To make this mission a reality, we have partnered with the Veterans Administration in Washington, D.C, The Department of Arizona Marine Corp League, The Wounded Warrior Marine Corp LeagueHabitat for Humanity (state and local agencies), private & business organizations, and also private donors for funding the “Miracles For Heroes” Concert Tours and support systems.

Please help to support us as we develop programs for our enlisted brave men and woman of the armed-forces, and also our Veterans, especially disable Veterans by becoming an essential part of These Miracles. The greatest ingredient is LOVE, please donate right now, don’t wait. Let your heart be your guide. Donate a little or a lot. Every single dollar counts. Help us make a difference. Be a partner in this quest of love, for those who loves us. For those who’s loves this country. By helping them, we are helping ourselves as well. We are insuring our future and the future of our children.

Here is another example of the 3D home process.  This company has proposed a $4,000.00 price point per each for a larger single family home which is still a very economical advantage for our goals. This is genius, and with your support, we all can help make this happen together.


Our Partners:

Wheel Chair Games


U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs


Marine Corps League


Fisher House Foundation


Habitat For Humanity