The Quiet Storm project is a way to raise funds for housing and benefits for our homeless veterans living in the streets of America. Through these donations we will be offering a downloadable MP3 of a remake to the song “Quiet Storm” written by Smokey Robinson.

This recording will be produced by Sydney Justin and Chris Dixon. (bios below) Our plan is to utilize the talents of several main stream celebrities including a cast of old and new generation Artist including The Miracles, Boys to Men, The Mary Jane Girls, and several others to be confirmed.

The executive producers are Stan Diggs, Frankie Stevenson, Chris Dixon, Mari Justin And Sydney Justin. There is plan to raise funds thru donations for the production of the song and proceeds from the sale of the download would go towards the launching pad project.  We feel strongly about these homeless veterans and their families, giving them a renewed start on life is a must. The partnership we are developing are extremely important to this process. Major and minor partners are needed. We are looking for all Americans to participate in this humanitarian deed. You all are our partners. All mankind must show we care.

Possibly designed for a family

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Born in New Orleans and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Sydney Justin comes from a very talented and athletic family. Sports and music play a major role in his life. Participating in high school talent shows, the performing arts and attending the Otis Art Institute for gifted young artists molded his musical talents.

Football and music are his passions. Although Sydney never played high school football, his natural athletic gifts brought him a football scholarship to Long Beach State University. He was blessed to sign with the Los Angeles Rams and in his rookie year played in Super Bowl XIV. Afterwards, Sydney signed to play in Canada with the Winniteg Blue BombersThe Buffalo Bills, and finally the Indianapolis Colts.Unfortunately, a neck injury ended his career after only 4 seasons. His dreams and aspirations of becoming a singer, songwriter and producer were in his future.
While in high school, Sydney’s musical talents led to his performing on a movie sound track, singing the songs “Shout” and “Shama Lama Ding Dong” that the characters “Otis Day and the Nights” lip-synced in the toga party and club scenes of the now famous classic cult movie “Animal House”.

After football, Sydney re-directed his musical talents to songwriting, singing and producing. Highlights include being part of the songwriting team Sylverspoon productions working with such artists as Glen Jones, Shalamar, The Whispers and Lakeside; Later Sydney joined the pop group Shalamar as their lead singer. Working with record producers L.A. Reid & Babyface on the song ”Loves Grown Deep”from Shalamar’s Circumstantial Evidence CD, this song became Asia’s number 1 hit for over 5 months straight. Many Songwriting and producing opportunities followed. He wrote songs and produced soundtracks for such movies as Lambada and sang on Bobby Brown’s hit songs “Every Little Step I Take” and “I wanna Rock wit Cha baby” achieving a Platinum recordSydney also performed in concert with other artists such as The Gap Band, Roger & Zapp, Alexander O’Neil, Rose Royce, and Earth, Wind and Fire and many, many others.

As the lead singer for The MiraclesBerry Gordy, Pete Moore and Claudette Robinson has passed the torch of leadership from Smokey Robinsonto Sydney Justin. He takes the sound and songs to new heights with his mesmerizing sexiness, excitement and energy. He is a consummate performer, always striving to offer the world his absolute best. Sydney Justin, was at one time voted one of the sexiest men alive. He enjoys playing basketball and coaching defensive backs but golf has become a new passion. He recently wrote a how to book on playing defensive back called “The Lost Art.” you can find it on Amazon Books. Sydney loves God, trusts God and believes all things are possible through faith in Jesus Christ…and Miracles are always possible.

Mari Justin, Senior Vice President

20 years of dynamic leadership experience in Executive Management. Innovator with a consistent track record for formulating and implementing successful product launches and customer service concepts. Ability in structuring consistent and effective staff organization of corporate objectives.

Persuasive communicator with solid people skills, quick at assessing and satisfying client needs and good follow-up, likable people person that can deal effectively and develop a rapport with management, staff, sales personnel, clientele, and the community; who relates well to others from all levels and diverse backgrounds, excellent writing skills…bilingual—complete fluency in English and Spanish, spoken and written.

In addition to Mari’s extensive and diverse business management experience, Ms. Justin’s education provides an excellent foundation for her business acumen. This includes:

HAMMEL COLLEGE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Diploma, Paralegal Studies

CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY, San Francisco, California, Bachelor of Arts Program & Dean’s List

MIAMI-DADE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Miami, Florida, Associate of Arts Degree Program

Christopher Dixon is a singer, song writer, and producer.  He has been writing songs since the age of 13 years old.  Chris had a song on the Billboard charts in High School. Chris has been writing partner with legendries, Chuck Jackson and Jay King.  He has worked with artists like Whitney Houston, Club Nouveau, Teddy Riley, 4 by 4, Peggy Blue, and Shante Moore; just to mention a few. Chris has had several top ten hits in the past.

Stan Diggs grew up as an only child not knowing his father and really raised by my Great Aunt
as my Mother was a gospel piano player and singer with Clair Ward and Ward singers and on the road. In his household he shared with a guy that the church placed in his home and an older uncle. They were raised as brothers and are brothers to this day. They sang in a church group of 5 men called the Harmonizing 5. They sang acapella songs in the fashion of the group Take 6. But this was before there was a Take 6 became popular.

Music in the household had an effect on him at an early age. “I learned harmonies and was also a self-taught guitarist and bass player. I have great memories of my uncles who played
various instruments and listen to Count Basie, Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and many more.”-Diggs explained

“At an early age like my Mom and my two brothers I fell in love with music and became a musician and singer. We were a cover band of Earth Wind and Fire songs.  I feel I had a great childhood because I learned how to be happy all by myself and with others.

Stan had another love in his life which is the love for sports, both Football and basketball. “I was fortunate to play some college football as well as being a NFL strike/scab player in the mid 80’s.

Stan is currently working with a nonprofit Organization which helps former NFL players find the help they may need for concussion related health issues. “I have always had inside me a love for music and sports.” Stan has a great heart for helping people.

Franky Stevenson was born in Abbeville, Louisiana which sits on the banks of the beautiful Vermillion River in 1952. “My father was the first African American insurance salesman in Vermillion Parish and the first African American to pay the poll tax, register. He vote immediately after a honorable discharge from the Army. With the support of his childhood friends, Father Raymond Guidry, he single-handedly led a voter registration drive. He literally drove a carload at a time to and from the courthouse and even paid the poll tax for those with no money, yet no fear!! As usual during the holocaustic days of the Civil Rights Movement, my father was accused of a horrific crime. It took a decade of appeals by the Catholic Church of which my father was a Knight until his release. He reunited with my mother, a formal gospel singer. He was a very hard worker, a college graduate, and a great provider. He was my first and greatest role model and mentor.”

Franky had been an artist since the age of three.
“I graduated from Jack Yates High School, where I majored in Commercial Art, which helped me to fulfill my promise to my parents that “I aspired to not become a starving artist.” He also received his Associate’s Degree from Texas State Technical College in Commercial Art and Advertising with a minor in Printing. He met his wife en-route to enrollment. They married during the last semester of college where she received her Associate’s Degree in Chemistry. In 1986, she designed the rocket fuel for the space shuttle. In 1984, his company Uptown Graphics and Printing became one of two African American printing companies to join the AFL-CIO Union, proudly paying eight employee’s Union wages.

“Growing up in the Third Ward was exciting, challenging, and full of opportunities for all.” Dowling Street was the major commerce district area, in which The Ajapo Hotel was the preferred hotel of African American entertainers and the rich and famous during the days of Segregation.

The Third Ward was unique from the other African American communities by virtue of Yates High School, Texas Southern University, Riverside Hospital, and the commitment of the upper-class African American professionals whose commitment was to mentoring and creating opportunities for the next generation of the Third Ward and the world.

“I thank Mission Year and Generation One for the opportunity to share our rich history with
the next generation and look forward to sharing much more of my art and history of
our community and community leaders in a series of books to be released very soon”